AFSPA Talks Discount Care Programs

May 09, 2022 AFSPA Season 5 Episode 2
AFSPA Talks Discount Care Programs
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In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton talks about AFSPA’s Discount Care Program. Valerie DeBruin, VP of Network Operations for Careington and Dr. Joan Waldron discuss the discount plans - their value and how they work. Dr. Waldron also provides great information about the important of preventative dental care. For more information on AFSPA’s Discount Care Program, click here.  

Why a Discount Plan
Enroll in Program Anytime
What's included in the Network
Why Preventive Dental Care
Health conditions that impact Oral Health
Out of Pocket Protections
Hospital visits
Preventive visits
Combining Dental Plans
Comprehensive Coverage
Cost of Enrollment