AFSPA Talks Life and AD&D Insurance

May 23, 2022 AFSPA Season 5 Episode 4
AFSPA Talks Life and AD&D Insurance
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In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton talks about Life Insurance. Do you know the differences between term, whole, and universal life insurance? Nina Matias from Prudential does, and she’s back to share her expertise. This time, she talks about life and AD&D insurance. Find out about evolutions in the types of plans available and what considerations to take into account when deciding your coverage needs.  

For information about AFSPA’s life insurance plans, please visit  

Life Insurance Benefit Plans
Differences between Benefits Plans
What AFSPA Offers
Term Policies
Group Insurance
Other Types of Life Insurance
Maximizing Insurance
AD&D Coverage
Why additional Coverage
Group Enhanced Life Plans
Plan Enhancements
Hybrid Plans
Things to Consider