AFSPA Talks FSBP Overseas Care

July 18, 2022 AFSPA Season 6 Episode 4
AFSPA Talks FSBP Overseas Care
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In this episode of AFSPA Talks, we continue our theme of overseas care by focusing on the benefits, programs, and service offered through the Foreign Service Benefit Plan. AFSPA CEO Paula Jakub walks through a bit of the history of the Plan before diving into coverage, special features, and unique ways in which AFSPA supports its overseas members. Later, Sr. Director of Compliance Stefon Nicely provides an overview of the AFSPA's partnerships with overseas providers.

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Foreign Service Benefit Plan
How are Members covered Overseas Care Covered
Submitting Claims
How the Claims Process Works
Express Scropts
Direct Billing Partnerships
Overseas Partners