AFSPA Talks Newborn Children's Health

August 08, 2022 AFSPA Season 7 Episode 1
AFSPA Talks Newborn Children's Health
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In this episode of AFSPA Talks, we begin our month-long conversation about children's health care. This episode include excerpts from past episodes where COO Kyle Longton talk to pediatric experts about the beginning stages of children's health care - from preparing to welcome a child into your family, to the importance of well-child visits, recommended vaccines, and where to get resources.

 The Foreign Service Benefit Plan covers well-child visits and CDC recommended children vaccines at 100% when seen by an in-network provider. Visit for more information. 

Visit for resources on children's health care.

Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy
Next Steps Once Pregnant
Common Pregnancy Complications
COVID-19 and Pregnancy
Other Vaccines
Intro to Dr. Pearl Ben-Joseph
Delayed Care in Pediatrics and the Effects
Closing Remarks