AFSPA Talks Children's Behavioral Health

August 22, 2022 Season 7 Episode 3
AFSPA Talks Children's Behavioral Health
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On this episode, AFSPA Talks Children's Behavioral Health with Alison Stoner and Honora Einhorn, two senior clinical managers with Brightline Health. They discuss ways parents and caregivers can support healthy behavioral emotional and social development, the effect of COVID on kids of all ages, signs that may indicate a need for care or intervention, and the network of care professionals in a child's life. They also spend time talking about Brightline and the three-tiered approach this new FSBP partner offers. 

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Intro to Alison Stoner
Intro to Honora Einhorn
Healthy Behavioral Development for Children
COVID's Effects on Children
Signs Children Need Extra Support
Behavioral Health Coach
Brightline's Structure of Sessions
Tools to Ensure Progress
Autism Program
Last Minute Thoughts