AFSPA Talks Open Season FAQs

December 05, 2022 AFSPA Season 110 Episode 4
AFSPA Talks Open Season FAQs
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With only one week left of open season, host Kyle Longton turns to some of his colleagues for help answering your most frequent questions. We touch on general information about FEHB, FEDVIP, and FSAFEDS before digging into FSBP wellness incentives and ending with a lightening round on the FSBP-Aetna Medicare Advantage Program. Some of the websites discussed in this episode include:

FEDVIP information: 


FSBP-Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan: 

FSBP Open Season Information:

AFSPA Open Season Webinars: 

When Does Open Season End?
FEHB Enrollment Rules
FEDVIP Dental and Vision
Prior Service
FSA Changes
Family Members Overseas
Denial of Information
What Funds Rollover
FSBP Enrollment Options
Single Sign On
Healthy Pregnancy Program
New Benefits for ART Procedures
Medicare Advantage Plan Eligibility
Is Enrollment mandatory
Medicare Advantage Plan best features